Rock Staries 013 The Foresters 

This talented band of young brothers from the New Haven Ct. area are building a big name for themselves, they've been featured on Radio 104.1, WPLR 99.1, Cygnus Radio, WPKN & WESU and numerous websites including Deli Magazine, Nashville based Ear To The Ground, the annual Couch By Couchwest event  and Hot Band Boys. 

They are creating their own music scene by, combining with other local artists to support each other. The oldest {Evan} has a home studio that he uses to record and produce music for other local artists and friends.​

This episode was recorded in a very noisy alley behind the Telegraph Recording Company,
But thanks to my good friend Wes Renaud from audible Nexus it is free of most of the noise from the street and giant air conditioners.
If you need to record, edit, or clean up some audio, I highly recommend visiting his site and connecting with him......

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