My Constellation of scars

(Verse 1)
When they find my body
In thirteen thousand years
They’ll know of my pain
They’ll know of my fears
that we were divided
And driven by our hate
They’ll know the story
Of our terrible fate
Don’t let the history
Repeat itself
Don’t let us drag us
Back into hell

{Im sending a message}
One That can’t be erased
{Im sending a message}
Through all time and space
{Im sending a message}
One for the human race
{Im sending a message}
In my constellation of scars

(Verse 2)
Ignore the sophistry
The truth is in the stars
Look at the history
It’s written in my scars
I am your ancestry
My scars show true north
You are my legacy
You must stay the course
A hundred men could be
a billion if you’re smart
But whatever they tell you,
you must carry on