1. Fight Or Die
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Fight or Die

Verse 1
You put yourself here
You know you’ve got it coming
You never should’ve touched that gun
You should’ve just started running

This is not a game
These people don’t play

You couldn’t look em in the eye
But now you’re a tough guy
It’s time to put up or shut up
You’re gonna have to fight or die

(Verse 2)
I’m not sure what you were thinking
Swinging your balls around
Must’ve thought you were tough
Now maybe not so much

It’s hard not to mention
your dissension
What were you thinking
What we’re your intentions
Fight or Die, fight or die
Fight, fight, fight,
Fight or Die fight or die
(Repeat 1)

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Fight or Die
Fight or Die
Fight or Die
This is not a game!
Fight or Die
Fight or Die
Fight or Die
These people don’t play