1. Blood Eagle
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Blood Eagle

One more step into the light.
Try to save some for the fight.
You know shit is going down.
Time to crash this fucking town.

My Blood Eagle.
Blood Eagle.

All my birds are gonna fly.
Spread their wings open wide.
Theres gonna be a slice and dice.
To free my birds of paradise.

My Blood Eagle.
Blood Eagle.

[[[I want to ask you something.
what is a blood eagle?
The offender, gets down on his knees.
And his back is opened with knives and then with axes.
His ribs are chopped away from his spine.
Then his lungs are pulled out of these huge bleeding wounds
And laid upon his shoulders so they look like the
vaulted wings of a great eagle
And he must stay like that suffering until he dies.]]]

I could help you sprawl your flanks.
Set chew free from all this angst
Fill your lungs with air again {phew…haaaahhh}
But you gotta crack a wing on ascent

My Blood Eagle
Blood Eagle

aghhhhh aghhhhhhh !