How to learn at a high level

What is the process of learning? 
1) Measure a smaller unit success. start Small, chunk it out. 

This means to start small by chunking out parts of a whole subject. Every subject of study needs smaller sections to build up to. 

2) Drill one thing until it becomes a habit then move on. 

Take each chunk and focus on it until you have a good grasp of it then move on.

3) Shorter periods of study every day are better than long sporadic cramming sessions. 

Spend 30 minutes a day learning and give it time to digest.

4) When starting, test as many different methods as you can, when growing stick with one. 

Everybody learns a different way, and every teacher teaches a different way. So test out many different methods and teachers then stick to the one you like the best and double down on that. I like Gary Vaynerchuck but he throws out some words that I don't get and I find myself falling behind in the lesson. Some teachers bring religion into their lessons and I am not religious so I try to make their lesson work for me or I move on.

5) Debrief to avoid making the same mistakes. 

Talk to someone with experience in the subject about your progress and ask for opinions. 

This video is the source of information.


While watching the above video this subject came up, so I thought I'd add it here...

(how to spot dangerous advice) 
1) only ever take advice from people who are living the life you want in that particular field.

1A) look where their advice has taken them.

1B) find the people who followed their advice and see how they are doing.

1C) can I test it quickly? 

3) find friends who are supportive of your happiness even if it means change. 
Cut out the friends that do want to see you happy. 

4) pick influences with both a skill set and a life philosophy you admire. 
Do you want to live the way they do? Do they value people and things the way that you do? Don't pick up their bad habits.



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