How to build a positive Belief System

1) Change the way you view life experiences.

If you've been beaten up or bullied by people, change the way you view the experience by saying to yourself  "I'm grateful for getting beaten up or bullied because it helped me build resilience. I am tougher now because of it." 

If you are struggling financially say to yourself  "I'm thankful for being broke because it pushed me to learn about money and how to make it work for me." 

If you feel like you are alone, say to yourself  "I am happy that I have no friends because It taught me that I'm the only one that will help me and I will start helping myself to be better."

2) External programming.

People will respect you to the degree that you respect yourself. If you are allowing someone to belittle you, shame on you, not them.

Remeber "What I allow is what will continue", don't let someone else externally program you. 

This means that if someone tells you that you cant do something, and you believe them, you are a willing victim. If you don't wholeheartedly agree with what they are saying and you fail to do the thing you want in your life, it's your own fault. 

3) What you say and what you think about yourself.

Brainwash your self in a positive way. Everything you say about yourself makes it more true. 
The quality of your life is based on the quality of the questions you ask yourself.

"Why are you such an idiot?"  The only thing a negative belief system can produce is negative results. 

Start saying positive things to yourself. "I am so good at  my job!"  "I am awesome!" "I can do anything I really want to do!"

Write it down, and say it every day to yourself. 


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